Intellectual Property

PCLA provides a variety of services in the areas of Intellectual Property Rights. We provide end to end services in this domain. These services begin with application for protection of Intellectual Property and culminate with their protection from infringement before courts of law. We search for existing patents, file patent applications for protection in Indian and Globally. We provide comprehensive patent registration for all kinds of patents, including responding to objections, liaison with the office of registrar of patents and get certifications in time. We provide services of registration of Copyrights for various kinds of artistic work, literary work and software. We file for and help you register trademarks with the appropriate authorities. Ensuring that, your registrations are done quickly and promptly ensure that you don’t lose out to the competition.

Interestingly we also help you protect your IP by reviewing what we like to call your exposure documents and making sure that IP is shared on a need to know basis, protected by confidentiality and non-compete. Most importantly, our services do not just stop with registration. We help you protect your IP by drafting, filing, trying or defending suits for infringement, injunctions, impounding and destruction and damages in cases of IP violations.